The Philosophy

It might seem like Africa's greatest problems are economical or political, but actually, our greatest problem is mental and spiritual - it's all in the African mind and spirit.

Africa needs and deserves awakening and enlightenment. That won't happen if the African mind is still enslaved by ideals it can't draw utility from. Africa needs freedom, and that won't happen if we can't imagine, think and create with our minds liberated.

For Africa, music has always held a role far beyond mere entertainment - music teaches, enchants, transforms and also has the power to build or destroy. Coupled with the right rhythms, melodies, drums and chants, music is mystical - with the potential to alter and influence consciousness, define and advance the culture and spirit of a people. The music on this album is specially crafted to empower, elevate and illuminate you. So take your time and listen...

A war is fought by an army, but individuals make it happen. This isn't a battle entirely material, no, the war is mental and spiritual. So, pick up the right arms Africa, and let's fight!

The Lyrics

Most music, especially Hip Hop, has a rich poetic form, so that to be enjoyed the most, it must not only be listened to, but ought be read as well. It's for this reason that the entire corpus of lyrics for this album are being made available on, which also allows you to grab offline versions of the same, as an ebook. But, you can also browse the lyrics directly from here...

Your Feedback

Like all creative projects, music ought evolve and get better with time. I shall be glad to learn a thing or two from you, about this current music project, and what such music means to you.

Get In Touch

Okay, you've listened to the music, studied the lyrics and have a thing to say directly to the Shaman Emcee himself! It's definitely not impossible to get in touch...